What to do now?

For the last month, I’ve exercised a lot of procrastination time thinking about what’s next. The problem is that I’ve spent the last 6 years fulfilling requirements imposed by various graduate programs, leaving me little time to do projects that I would like to do. Not that I still don’t have quite a few requirements and projects going on that I am responsible for, but they part of the status quo. What I’m looking to do are some small publications and development projects that can help define my skills set not evident in my ongoing research and job projects.

Many of these ideas are still in the brainstorming stage, including: social networking in teacher education, template-based multimedia instructional environments, and an ESL syllabi exchange. While these are much larger issues, they could also be combined into a killer teacher resource. That may be more than I can do in the short term, but surely, smaller projects within these areas would be doable.

Any suggestions for me? What is out there already that would fit the bill? (either instructional or other)

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