Yet again, I’m a late comer on technology. If you’re like me, you use an instand messenging software, but only one and that is where your friends have their account too. There are software applications out there that will free you from the constraints of a single messenging service. Trillian is an Instant Messenging software that aggregates many messenging applications into one application: AOL’s AIM, MSN Messenger, Yahoo!’s IM, ICQ, and IRC.

This makes it much easier to chat with friends, family, students, and coworkers just about anywhere they have an account, yet you only have to deal with a single interface. However, one drawback is that you have to go to each of the supported appications and sign up for accounts with them first.

It’s getting more and more difficult to keep up with the technology that helps you keep up with people. Products like Trillian help by requiring only 1 program to run instead of 5.

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