Photo Story 3

Microsoft’s Photo Story 3 is an interesting product. They might have done something right for a change. This is an easy to use wizard that allows you to add photos, text, narration, and music. This is then formatted for one of many uses (i.e., email, DVD, high-res .wmv, etc…).

I made one of my a visit to New Orleans in 2005, check it out (8.5MB).

Now, making a program easy usually means cutting back on the customizable functions and Photo Story is no exception. Fine manipulation of object is really not possible as well as the encoding options. However, I can easily overlook these drawbacks given that the program is free and so easy to use.

At least it’s sort of free. You have to validate your Windows license to get the software. So, if you’re running clean AND have your product key, life is good.

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