Strange Brew


My favorite coffee shop (Strange Brew–Greenwood, Indiana). It’s right around the corner from my house, which makes it a nice walk on a sunny day.

This is really my default office throughout the week. I tend to get up and work through emails, breakfast, bills, and other home “stuff” then I head over to the coffee shop. It is a locally owned, small business that I am more than happy to support (I try to always support small businesses in the area). It doesn’t hurt that they make a mean cup of Joe! As well as other nice treats, including bubble teas, iced esspresso drinks, and the like.

They also offer free wireless through a G router which means that the service here is better than I get at home through my wireless (wimpy B). I therefore have the ability to access the Web, which is a good idea when most of my work and research is done online.

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