Craig…..Daniel Craig

It’s official folks, I’m the new 007! Yep, just call me Bond…James Bond that is.


I have been dreading this moment for years now. A few years ago, a couple of my sites were on the first page of Google results for “Daniel Craig” and “Dan Craig”. One terrible day I noticed that fan sites were pushing me out for this guy “Daniel Craig.” It’s about to get worse. Daniel Craig has been a name in British circles for quite a while now, but his appearances in movies such as Tomb Raider and Road to Perdition have gone nearly unnoticed by the American public. This is about to change, however.

Daniel Craig was just announced as the new James Bond. This means that his fame is now going to be global. Just hanging the Bond moniker on him will boost his exposure world-wide taking him from that guy in that movie to Daniel Craig…you know. The new James Bond.

You may be wondering, “Why is this guy so worried”? Well, if you haven’t noticed this blog is on my domain… I’ve received a number of fan emails in the last day since the announcement and I’m sure it will just get worse. I guarantee that the comments here will be filling up with either fans or trouble-makers in the near future. Neither of which I am too excited to have as visitors. This is a site for language and educational technology professionals (as well as some personal postings) and I don’t want it to become a repository for fan-spam. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

However, I would also like to congratulate him on scoring this role. I’ve enjoyed him in a number of movies and talk show appearances and look forward to seeing him as 007.

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