– Teacher pay: Tenure or performance-based? – Oct 31, 2005

Every month or so you can count on an article regarding performance pay for public school teachers. The most recent comes from our friends at This is regarding a program in the Denver schools.

Part of me thinks that performance pay is the way to go. Why not subject teachers to the same pressures that exist in the corporate world. Produce or perish!

However, the other side of me says, “wait! Teachers are the last line of advocacy for our children. Do I want their jobs and paychecks forever being used against them when they should be advocating for change?”

I don’t care of John and Sally corporate live their lives as yes-men/women. Most modern businesses live and die by their innovation in the field. The market will determine whether they survive or not. Education is propped up by our tax dollars. Even when it fails, people get paid.

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