I feel like I may be the last person in the world to blog on SuprGlu. It is an interesting product and I’m just beginning to realize it’s benefits.

I started a site at What this service does is work with your various RSS feeds and organizes them based on your specifications. The SuprGlu staff has indicated that they don’t see (or want) SuprGlu used as an aggregator (essentially repurposing other people’s content). They state that it is for personal use, which I think means your personal feeds. Right now they limit you to 10 feeds, so this wouldn’t go very far with a sizable blogroll.

SuprGlu integrates well with Flickr and It also looks like they will be doing a lot of work on it in the near future. I think this service is an up and comer. I look forward to future developments.

Problems so far:

  1. There are keywords, but no search. Keywords are great, but they are nearly worthless unless you can string keywords together to focus your search.
  2. I haven’t figured out how to search other Suprglu sites using my keywords or a search. There has to be a way, but I’m blanking so far.
  3. While I understand their reasoning for 10 feeds, If I want to feed my blogs (personal and educational),, Flickr, discussion forums (i.e., Moodle), and other sources I track/develop for my classes, the 10 feed limit could be restrictive.

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