Yawcam stands for Yet Another Webcam and it is a nice freeware for Webcam functions.

It’s a nice, simple application that I have set up to upload an image (FTP) to my server every 20 seconds. While it’s not streaming video, it puts a pretty small load on my server and, therefore, my wallet 🙂

I was able to find a script that refreshes the pictures every 20 seconds. Initially, I was refreshing the entire page using a Metatag. That was not a good solution because the page would reset (to the top of the page) each time it reloaded. On a page that scrolls, that is really annoying. On my phone, it made it impossible to view the image.

I’m considering using this as a sort of “in office” indicator for my students. Obviously, I can use MSN Messenger (or other brand) to do this, but this is nice because I can use it any place that I can use a picture. Or, at least, any place where I can point to the URL of a picture.

I’m looking for other ways of using my Webcam in-between video conferences (which don’t happen too often). Anyone have any ideas? 🙂

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