Yawcam update

Well, I guess you get what you pay for. Yawcam seems to have quite a few errors. I can’t pin down what is causing these errors, because they are so seemingly random.

Sometimes, it seems like the uploads (FTP) just stop. That is usually when there is an error message saying that the destination folder doesn’t exist. Those are actually the most rare and, really, are best errors. The picture on the site remains the same and I can tell by the time stamp that the uploads ceased at a particular time.

The most common error is the strangest. I get no error message on my computer, but the programs seems to freeze, or is at least unresponsive. There is some kind of upload happening though. The image on the site remains the same, but the time stamp continues to update. That is the worst. I’m trying to use this to let people know when I’m in my office, but with this error that get’s confusing. I’m not worried about the picture freezing when I’m not there. I’m worried about the picture freezing when I’m there and then I leave. It makes it seem like I’m at my desk and ignoring people who try to contact me.

It looks like I’m off to shop for alternatives. I’ll let you all know if/when I find anything.

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