Qumana blog editor and blogging tools

The Qumana blog editor was recommended by someone in my subscriptions (sorry, poor form not to remember).

This was about the same time that I heard about Microsoft’s Live Writer. I have been looking for a good application to make my blogging easier. Although nothing is easier than the Blogger button on the Google toolbar, I wanted something that would add images and maybe even audio, video, and Flash to posts without me having to do a lot of uploading, moving, and shaking. Blogger is terrible about uploading and linking files.

Therefore I decided to try out both Live Writer and Qumana. To begin with, Qumana made the process much easier to set up accounts (though both are pretty easy). It looked at all of my blogs in Blogger (under the same account) and simply asked me to check the ones that I wanted Qumana to work with. Live Writer required that I set up a separate account for each.

I hate to admit it, but after that…Live Writer wins hands down. The interface was easier for me to work with. I like how Live Writer downloads the blog template (style) so that it is really WYSIWYG. Editing on Live Writer is just like editing the actual blog page. This is even a huge improvement over the Blogger interface.

This is really just my first impression of the two applications, but first impressions are everything. I uninstalled Qumana. I just don’t have time test both long term. Who knows. Live Writer could severely disappoint me soon and maybe I’ll give Qumana another look then.

Also, I have to add that I only tested out Blogger sites. Other blogging apps may benefit more from one or the other.

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