Test of MS LiveWriter

This is a post from Microsoft’s LiveWriter. The interface is obviously easy to use (MS-standard), but I’m not sure about how it will function overall.

Link: DanielCraig.com



This is much easier than editing in Blogger. Let’s see how it uploads.


Ok, here is my entire overview (using the Blogger editor)

Live Writer was very easy to set up, create a new entry, and publish.

The creation/editing process is really easy. It’s similar to a standard MS interface. Familiar to most users. It takes hitting buttons here and there to get used to the features though. Publishing is much easier here than in FrontPage.

It obviously doesn’t play nice with Blogger’s image upload because I had to set it up to upload images to my FTP (my Blogger account is host on my own server). However, I had this problem with accounts that are hosted by Blogger too. Kudos to MS (never thought I’d say that) for making the process relatively seemless after than. I add pictures, Live Writer automatically uploads the images to my server and maps them correctly on the posting. Regardless, I hope that they figure out a work around for this issue. Otherwise, I won’t be able to recommend it fully to my students.

Also, I’m assuming that there is no mac version. This is really a killer for educational uses. Suck it up and dev one for Mac OS.

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