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Thanks to Web-logged News for this link.

This post is an interesting description of how one school is planning to use Drupal as a it’s…well…everything.

I tried out Drupal a couple years ago and found it very similar to PHPnuke. At the time, I remember preferring PHPnuke. However, I don’t a posting like this makes me reconsider that.

First, Drupal is a content management system (CMS). This should not be confused with a course management system (CMS) or learning management system (LMS), though they have many commonalities.

These commonalities include the partitioning of and delivery of information to users based on permissions, taxonomies, and so forth. A system like Drupal also has “the community” developing “modules” that can be plugged in. These modules can then turn the content management system into a course management system and even an LMS with a little concerted effort.

Maybe this is what Drupal has evolved to and maybe this is a reason to check it out again.

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