The New Rules Of Technology VC

The New Rules Of Technology VC

This isn’t what I normally post on, but I find myself more and more interested in what it takes to launch a startup these days. The barriers to development and overhead seem to be crashing down. What is to stop someone with a good idea and a couple thousand bucks from running with an idea? Even if you can’t code, outsource it. Heck, even college students are making a couple extra bucks coding. Just snag a couple outside some computer science class and make an offer they can’t refuse.

According to this post, that’s essentially what VC firms are finding out too. The competition has increased because lower investment requirements have enabled smaller funds to change the rules.

I bet there are thousands of folks out there who could get some site or service off the ground with just $20-30K. Seems like it could pay off better that the multi-million dollar crap tosses of old.


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