Clive on Learning: Clear and to the point

Clive on Learning: Clear and to the point

This is a good review of a book that pulls out some helpful suggestions for using PowerPoint.

Here are the highlights directly quoted from the blog.

  1. Present neither too little nor too much.
  2. Build on your audience’s prior knowledge.
  3. Make sure the most important points stand out and that unimportant things don’t.
  4. Make differences clearly distinguishable.
  5. Make clear what should be grouped together and what separated.
  6. Where possible, make the form of an object compatible with its meaning.
  7. If you vary properties, such as colour, size, font, transition, etc., do it to convey something meaningful.
  8. Take account of your audience’s limited capacity for remembering and processing information.

Check out the original posting for some criticism of these suggestions.


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