English Language Learning Software Hunt

The other day a friend asked me if she could borrow some of my CD-ROMs (or DVD-ROMs) for English language learning OR for some suggestions. I was a little embarrassed that not only didn’t I have many (aside from a couple old ones), but I also couldn’t think of any besides Rosetta Stone and TELL, which are a little more than I can afford.

My interests have included CALL-related topics for many years, but it’s been a long time since I paid attention to instructional software. I’ve focused for so long on the use of ICT that I am clueless on the state of “traditional” disk-based software.

I have NEVER seen a software that impressed me. They have all been warmed-over grammatical syllabi with little other than multiple choice, fill in the blank drills to fill space between cute animations and lame texts (can you tell I’m skeptical?).

I’m not against drilling. I think that there is a place for it and a software might be the right place. However, these also don’t seem to have much relevance to the average classroom. That is unacceptable.

Can anyone prove me wrong? What have you used that you loved? If you do make any recommendations, please describe why it is good.

Don’t bother sending on things that can be modified for language learning. There are countless materials to do that with. I would like to know a good, dedicated software (CD, DVD, Downloadable, or even online) that learners can use on their own. If there is interaction with other students or teachers, that’s great, but students still have to be able to use it on their own.



Updates: I’ll update here with suggestions that I receive.

  • EuroTalk
  • Qedoc – Quiz-maker and cache of quizzes.
  • EduFire – Flashcards and collection of videos in various languages (mostly YouTube).

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