Asus Adds 3G to Eee PC

Asus Adds 3G to Eee PC

I don’t know if this excites me, but it’s a step in the convergence. Laptops are getting smaller and better connected, while phones are becoming mini-computers. At this point, I don’t know which I’d prefer if given the chance. Since, my vision is pretty good, I don’t mind small, high-resolution screens. I’m getting sick of lugging around my current Toshiba M4 tablet. It seems like a monster compared to the new, lovely computers that I’ve been checking out in Yonsan.

I will state right now. I will NEVER buy another full-sized laptop, nor will I ever again buy a phone that I can’t use like a computer. I don’t know if the ones I want have even been made yet, but I’m now willing to jump in and start sampling. The Asus line-up is pretty good, but there are some other really cool minis to choose from and more coming out every day (it seems).

As for phones, there’s no way I’m getting an iPhone. Why are these people willing to sell their souls for this phone? Apple is the worst of the worst when it comes to letting people play in their sandbox. Well, I like playing with other people. Some of the greatest applications come from these folks. When Apple opens the app store, I’ll consider an iPhone.

Of course, Windows Mobile 6.1 is no gem either. I hear nothing but bad reviews and even with many companies putting their own shells over the system, it’s not great. However, I can put any app I find nice on MY OWN PHONE! MS isn’t coming in saying, “I’m sorry you can’t run this because it competes with our apps” FAIL!

Android has potential, but the HTC launch was pretty pathetic. I really do like the phone basics: great keyboard, screen (better with HTC HD, though), and ideal. However, let’s face it, the phone is a fail. No video, propriety headphone jack, no Exchange support, and locked into Google apps (especially locked into 1 account). Come on guys…let’s get a better one out soon. I do, however, have a great feeling about the future of Android. V2.0 will likely be a buy.

I don’t know if I’d feel the same way if you lived back in the states. Mobile is important here because I walk or take public transportation everywhere. In the states, I throw my bag in the car and walk 20 feet to the coffee shop/office/etc. Mobile is not as important. Right now I want to check my mail on the way to work/home so I don’t have to waste time doing it when I get there. My commute is wasted time. At this point, I listen to a ton of podcasts, but I could certainly take on email in addition.

Rambling long enough. Time to sleep and dream about my future toys.

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