Seoul Eats: Review: Hamburgers in Seoul

Seoul Eats: Review: Hamburgers in Seoul

There are 2 kinds of Americans in Korea who aren’t looking for good burgers: (1) vegetarians, and (2) those who were locked in a closet for 20+ years before being shipped to Korea (I’ve met a few of the latter).

This why Daniel Gray’s research into where to get good burgers is so welcomed. These days I might have one or two days a month that I can go out into the world (beyond my neighborhood) and enjoy a good meal. Most of the time, I am looking for meat. Occasionally, I get hamburgers on the brain and can’t relax until I satisfy that hunger. I’ve been unsatisfied for a long time.

On a suggestion that came either directly or indirectly from Daniel Gray, I went to the #1 on his list, Wolfhound. It was certainly the best burger that I’ve had in Korea. I was a little disappointed in the meat as it had a lot of filler and tasted more like a meaty meatloaf than a burger. I followed up with Daniel and he recommended the Corner Bistro and Tony’s Aussie Bar and Bistro for places that offer a plain meat (can we say that about hamburger?) patty and a good bun. I’ll have to give them a try.

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