Some Long Overdue Restaurant Reviews

I’ve had these restaurant business cards on my desk for a long time (as long as a year—I hope they are still open)



CEIA is a Brazilian BBQ restaurant in Gangnam.  I only have one other experience with Brazilian BBQ to go from, but it seemed pretty good to me.  The service was good, the food was good, the atmosphere was so-so.

These places keep bringing out the meat all night, as long as you can stuff it down.  If you are feeling the need for a good, old-fashioned meat feast, this is the place for you.  They have beef, pork, lamb, and chicken to choose from.  Some where slightly dry, but most were rather good.

The cost is around W 50,000 (from memory—could be less) and I’d say that it is worth every penny.

Location: Get off at Shinsa station and go out exit 1.  CEIA is on your right side, slighly tucked away in an alley, so keep your eyes peeled.


Phone: 02-547-6633


Thai Garden

Thai Garden is one of a handful of Thai restaurants in Itaewon (technically Hannam-Dong).  It has certainly been my favorite Thai experience so far in Seoul.  Three things I look forward to at Thai restaurants are coconut milk, cilantro, and lemon grass.  This place doesn’t skimp an any of these.

The price is reasonable (for Seoul standards), the quality is good, and the service isn’t bad.


Phone: 02-792-8836~7


La Seine

La Seine is a buffet at the Lotte Hotel, Seoul.  Like all hotel buffets, this one is rather expensive at W 60,000 for dinner.  Also, like many buffets, this one is just not worth it.  They dabble in a little of everything, which means that there is really no depth in their offerings.  The quality is mediocre, and the dishes dry and/or overcooked. 

You’d be much better off hitting some of the specialty sea food buffets around town at half this price.  I went to one last night, Ari Ari, in Gangnam (Gangnam station, exit 6, roughly 500 meters on your left, can’t miss it).


Phone: 02-317-7171


Sushihiroba (스시히로바)

Sushihiroba is a sushi place in the Lotte department store in Myoung Dong.  The experience was so-so overall.  When we first got there, the selection was terrible, with most being the rolls with vast amounts of mayo and crap on top (feel my disdain?).  We had to ask for mayo-less sushi.  Eventually, they worked into a better selection (by the time we were full).  Otherwise, what we had was pretty good.  The fish wasn’t that frozen crap that you get at the cheaper places, and that is saying a lot.

The price wasn’t terrible.  A little over W 50,000 for my wife and I.  I’m a huge eater, but my wife is not.  That was about 18 plates.


Phone: 02-726-4070

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