Introducing Dramafever — Dramabeans

Introducing Dramafever — Dramabeans

Thanks to Korea Beat for the link.

Dramabeans then points to a site (in closed beta) that will stream Korean dramas with English subtitles to American IPs (VPN or proxy needed when outside the states).

Actually, I really don’t like Korean dramas (or any dramas for that matter). I watch them with my wife (and my son who loves them like cartoons) and they are simple soap operas. They have similar plots (Koreanized, of course), acting, and staging as American soaps. These are simple trash. HOWEVER……I’d really like to know what’s going on without have to get translations from my wife, who would rather not talk (or listen to me) during the soap. Maybe I can get basic back stories here so I can better understand the most recent episodes.

Enjoy (if you can).

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