Obama Lauds Korea’s Education of Children

Obama Lauds Korea’s Education of Children



Really?! Who is informing this guy. While I do admire the drive to educate students (young and old) here in Korea, I do not admire the way it’s done and most Korean don’t either. Kids learn almost entirely in after (or before) school programs. Do we really want U.S. education to be outsourced to institutes? I’d home school rather than subject my kids to that.

Additionally, he’s a fool to think that education is will or should look the same in 10/20/30 years. I don’t want my kid in school longer. Schools can’t fix the problem, schools ARE the problem (to paraphrase Reagan). I want more efficiency and flexibility in education. I don’t want 2 months a year of testing and test prep.

I want my son to have an excellent foundation in maths, sciences, history, civics, and English as well as have the opportunity to pursue interests and healthy living through electives such as art, autos, phys ed, and more. You say that takes more time than they have in school now….DUH! Be a freakin’ parent and participate in your kids’ education. Do it yourself or get them help. BUT, DO NOT extend the school year. I don’t want to give the school more time to mess up my kid’s education.

The real problem with American education is that society and families only pay lip service to it.

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