Professional Networks in China and America

Professional Networks in China and America

Great interview discussing differences between how executives perceive and use their social networks in China and the US. For much of the discussion, you could replace “China” with “Korea” and come to similar conclusions.

For years Americans have be pushing a view of business as disassociated from the rest of one’s life. Work is work and home is home, the two shall not meet. However, in a world where the lines between work and personal life have already blurred so completely, how long until we see that the two are not separate, nor have they ever really been.

The next generation of successful business leaders will be those who live their work (for better or worse) and do not distinguish between the professional and personal in the ways that we do today.

Does this mean that you are going to send public love notes to your romantic interest? Possibly, but likely not. It is going to meet that purposeful distinctions between the two worlds will be the exception and not the norm as it is today.

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