Acquittal hardly absolves “Minerva Phenomenom”

Congratulations Dong-A Ilbo! You receive the dumb &%@ editorial award for the week.

To summarize, people should be punished for publishing anything that results in “negative” outcomes for society. This editor seems to believe that the Internet is a super-special forum where the audience has no responsibility to judge the accuracy of information.

So, if I say here, on this blog, that aliens will visit the Blue House tomorrow and take over the government and there is a subsequent social disturbance, I should be responsible. Well, I say to you, Mr. Anonymous editor–yeah who are you?, that the people (those mass of innocent fools in your perception) need to take on more responsibility for their actions. It is their fault that they are so easily misled. I’ll also cast blame on governmental and media outlets that play on these sentiments to advance their own agendas (considering that these institutions should be sources of reliable information–though they certainly are not).

GOD! These editorials drive me nuts!

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