BubblePLY & Screenr

[EDIT 10/3/2012 – I removed the links to BubblePLY. After trying it out again, I got virus warnings. My old video links directly to the download page now. Overall, I just have bad vibes about it and I don’t want anyone going there off of my recommendation.   However, Screenr is still wonderful.]

BubblePLY is a very cool annotation tool for online videos.  It accepts more than just YouTube, but it makes no guarantees about those it will accept.  I suppose you’ll just have to try it out and see.


BubblePLY enables you to put text annotations, subtitles, and even images and video on top of the video.  This is a great tool for teachers.  Imagine the benefits of being able to annotate instructional videos.


Here is a sample (though, not good one) from my personal video collection:


[edit – The embed doesn’t seem to work, which is unfortunate. I hope that they fix this. Here is the link to the video.]



Here is a screencast of the process done with Screenr.  You’ll notice the audio isn’t very good.  I think that’s my microphone (and/or audio card).  Both BubblePLY and Screenr is a great job, though.


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