WikiAnswers – How can I view my cctv camera remortly online for free

One way is to have your CCTV camera connected to a DVR that has a built-in web server. The DVR is in turn connect to the internet via a router (usually, although non-router configurations are possible with some DVRs). A DVR connected to the inernet in this way is assigned an IP address and becomes addressable like any other device on the internet. In laymans terms the DVR “serves up” the video to the remote user who enters the IP address in the address bar of their browser. As an example, let’s say I’m in Hawaii and I want to check my backyard garden in Michigan. I’d go to any computer that has a fast internet connection, fire up the browser, type the IP number of my DVR into the browser and hit RETURN. The computer in Hawaii searches the internet for that IP address and basically asks it “what can you give me?”. The DVR “sees” the request and does the only thing it knows how to do – serve up the video. In Hawaii I can now see streaming video from my CCTV camera setup in Michigan. Now, is this FREE? That’s up for debate since you have to buy the DVR, router, fast internet connection, etc. (nothing’s free, is it?). Do I need a third party software or website? In this case no. You can find DVRs with this capability all over for less than $300 for basic models. Remember this is a simplified example and factors like firewalls and router details will need to be negotiated on an individual basis.



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Looks like investing in a DVR (w/built-in server) is an option.

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