Formal email writing advice and examples

This blog does not get much attention, as you may note from the dates of the posts.  These days, though, I am seeing more visitors in the stats, and, more importantly, more commenters on the posts.  The commenters are always asking for more examples, but I really don’t have them. 

This blog was intended for use with medical students in my writing classes at SNU.  The focus was more on academic writing than business writing. That’s not to say that this blog couldn’t be used for business writing (as it certainly can), but it was not the original intent, nor is it the current focus.  I have never conducted courses on business writing (though I may in the coming year), so I don’t have any of those materials on hand.  I do, though, intend to add some of those materials both here and on a more general purpose writing blog, Email Writing, and a yet-to-be-created blog to be used for my new university (I no longer work with Seoul National University).

Until then, here are a few links to resources that provide more information on writing formal letters/email, which is what most people writing for business purposes are really looking for.

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