U.S. travel promotion bill signed into law – CNN.com

  • President “has acted to support the power of travel,” U.S. Travel Association chief says
  • Law establishes a public-private U.S. travel promotion organization
  • Part of the funding will come from fees paid by travelers included in Visa Waiver Program
  • Funding will be matched by private sector contributions

I have an idea. Let’s tax the people who don’t need visas. These guys are idiots. I’m not saying that $10 is going to keep any tourist out, but it is just another piece of a confusing puzzle for people who want to visit the US.

If you want to increase travel traffic, don’t make people jump through so many hoops to get visas. Of course, that won’t fly because it will be seen as opening holes for terrorists to come in through. The fact is, though, if they really want to get in, they will. Our huge boarders are sieves and there is little that anyone can do once undesirables are in the country.

I think we can better spend out time and money, encouraging people to experience America.

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