What iPhone apps do you use? (Korea) – I’d love to know what others are using. I’ll provide a list of ones that I use (not just download)

What apps do you use?
March 02, 2010

In just three months after the Apple iPhone went on sale here in December, some 300,000 units have been sold. Part and parcel with the device’s dominance in hardware is its strength in mobile applications, reflected in the iPhone App Store.

Since knowing users’ app preferences makes the difference between a major hit and just another junk download, Digieco, a management research institute affiliated with KT, the Korean mobile carrier that supports the iPhone here, recently looked into which ones users download most. They found, perhaps unsurprisingly, that apps for public transit routes and maps were very popular, along with social networking and scheduling software.

The average Korean iPhone user has 86 apps on his or her handset and spends 5,800 won ($5) on apps purchases every month, according to Digieco.

I’m interested to see what other people are using in the way of iPhone apps. Here are some that I actively use (at least once a week).

1. Google Apps

2. TweetDeck

3. Facebook

4. Foursquare

5. Daum maps

6. Jihachul

7. Lingopal (Korean phrases)

8. SugarSync

9. Diigo

10. Ustream (broadcaster/viewer)

11. Kindle

12. Asphalt 5 (free) – driving game (3 yr-old son loves it and so do I)

13. Shrek Kart (free) – driving game (3 yr-old son loves it)

14. Jungle Crash

15. Waterslide

16. Pandemica (not great, but cool idea)

17. Feed Me! (game for pre-schoolers)

18. Skype (almost forgot that)

Of course, this doesn’t count all the apps that came pre-installed, which I use every day, including: iPod, Safari, Contacts, Calendar (Google sync), Camera, Mail (Gmail), Clock (as alarm).

What about you? Anything you’d recommend?

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