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Mobile Internet on Smartphones Challenging Real-name ID Law

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The decision, which overturns the regulator’s ruling a year ago, is touching off a debate about the effectiveness of Internet regulations that have changed little over recent years, while the Web market and the industry are changing rapidly with the emergence of new Web devices such as smartphones, a mobile handset with computer-like functions.

“IT companies have long been concerned about the real-name requirement for Web portals,” said Kim Joong-tae, a consultant to IT companies and head of Seoul-based IT House, a private group collecting data and analysis on the local IT industry. “It makes it practically impossible for Korean companies to make services that attract users around the world.”

This is a good post, though it jumps around a little too much. The take-away is that the real name verification law limits the reach and grow of local Internet players.

What they don’t address is the benefits that real name verification has for data collection with the big local players. Real name verification makes it easy for these companies to collect data on their users across sites. If there companies were really against real name identification, it would have been overturned a long time ago.

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