Breaking News! Alabamans speak English

More accurately, according to this guy, Alabamans should only interact with the government in English. There is probably a good policy issue in there somewhere, but this guy (notice, I won’t use his name) is not doing this because of a concern over spending, he’s doing it to get the emotional vote from people with contentious relationships with groups of people who don’t speak English.

I don’t know the rest of his politics. He may be wonderful in so many ways. He might be the leader we need. BUT, this call type of campaign ad makes me think that the guy is just out to divide and conquer. Create this group that everyone can hate on, damn dirty foreigners, to boost his ratings with those who have an emotional reaction to this issue.

Is it really an issue? How much does it cost to create multiple forms of the test? Give me a break. That is a nothing cost. It will cost more to have people tell the damn dirty foreigners that they are out of luck and need to use the English form.

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