Twitter user booked for election law violation

Twitter user booked for election law violation

By Kwon Mee-yoo
Staff Reporter

A Korean Twitter user was charged with violating the election law, the first time since the nation’s election watchdog said last month that it would crack down on unlawful political activities carried out through the poplar online social media.

The cyber crime investigation department of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said Friday that they booked Kim, 43, nicknamed “doa” on Twitter, without physical detention for conducting an illegal poll and making the result public.

I’m not going to pretend to understand this law, but I’m glad the guy is fighting it. Of course, I am influenced by my upbringing in the US, but I feel that individuals should have the freedom to say what they like. While there are limits on free speech that I agree with (inciting harm, libel–untrue statements harmful to an individual or organization, and the such), I don’t agree with limited the speech of those who want to discuss their points of view. And in this case, this was simply a poll. What’s wrong with a poll?

Again, I don’t understand the specifics of the law, so I am open to be educated. I have to see this, though, as the continued assault on free speech by the Korean ruling class.

2 thoughts on “Twitter user booked for election law violation”

  1. Hi, EC. Yep, I’ve seen it building. I also see quite a bit of public support for some of the actions. I’ve found that many people like the real name system for the perception that it stems abusive postings (mostly in relationship to well-known entertainer suicides). At the same time though, I know many others who jumped ship and moved t non-Korean email systems afterward.I really hate the idea that public discourse is impeded by such laws.

  2. Hi Surprises. That fact surprises me a little. I understand the justification, but I don’t agree with it. I wonder how ofter that law is broken and enforced. I can’t see many advocates (or more so Joe Smoe) adhering to that. Twitter would be really interesting to follow on election night for that reason alone. Would likely be an interesting paper 🙂

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