Social Networking adoption charges ahead, growth of other social behaviors slowing

For example, one-third of online consumers in the US regularly watch user-generated videos on sites like YouTube. But, only 10 percent of US online consumers upload videos they’ve created to public sites. The traits required to create social content are unique, and at this moment, the consumer market interested in these behaviors has plateaued.

I wouldn’t be so quick to call this one. They don’t address the possibility (and likelihood) that people are uploading to protected, yet still social services. I’m going to guess that this would include a lot of Facebook content. Folks have figured out that they don’t have to put everything out there for the world to see when they only want a particular group to have access.

I used to post everything to YouTube, now I’m just more selective. Things that I want to use outside of my Facebook network are uploaded to public sites. These are mostly class-related materials or longer videos that don’t fit on Facebook.

I consider this a natural movement in a maturing social market. Consumers are pickier about what they watch and producers are pickier about what they upload/share.

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