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Scientists at work on rewiring human brains

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Scientists in the Midwest are researching ways to rewire the brains of people who’ve suffered traumatic brain injuries. We speak with Pedram Mohseni and Randolph J. Nudo about their work, which has recently been given a $1.44 million grant by the Defense Department.

The Department of Defense has granted $1.44 million to a program run by Pedram Mohseni at Case Western Reserve University and Randolph J. Nudo at Kansas University Medical Center. The two have been working for three years already on a method of essentially rewiring the human brain to bypass the parts that have been damaged.

You’ve got to listen to this. You get the main idea by reading the headline, but the interview and report at a little extra.

Can you imagine this a few years down the road. Aside for tremendous uses for victims of injuries and disease (think Alzheimer’s), this is the next designer surgery in 20 years. Imagine repurposing sections of your brain to carry more load. This is brain optimization down the road.

Yes. I could be reading too much into this, but I think that this assumption isn’t far off. Even beyond storage implants, this is making best use of the matter we already have. Fascinating.

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