How to Be Happy – Great message about finding happiness within yourself and not from outside stimuli


Anyone who has met me would likely say that I’m always happy. This is not a facade, it is reality. I am usually quite happy. Even when I’m tired and beat down, I’m generally happy.

This gets more difficult to do as the pressures of life push in on me. Work, family, and a ridiculously crowded city all push in at once and it can be overwhelming. The happiness that I used to take for granted, is more difficult to maintain. Once you let happiness fade, a destructive, self-defeating cycle of cynicism and malaise will begin to take over.

Those of my friends and family who pray (Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, etc.) a lot, really take time out to focus on prayer, will likely agree that this daily activity improves their lives. For me, prayer isn’t the answer, but meditation is. While I am not good at taking time every day to do so, I’m getting better. Just a short period of time when I can calm my mind and focus on the good really helps to alleviate pressure and take everything in stride.

Everyone needs to find their happy place. You’ll know that happy place because it makes the rest of your life better. This likely isn’t at a local bar or in the sheets with a lovely companion. Those are transitory and will likely leave you feeling empty and lacking after the activity is over. Happiness truly does come from within, but we often need to search actively for it. In fact, that search is likely the foundation for your happiness.

Start your own search today.

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