Timer – just a simple timer application that allows you to have multiple timers.

How to install

There is no need to install this aplication on the iPhone. Just open


in the Safari browser. You can add it to
the home screen by clicking the little plus at the bottom browser bar:

Safari Plus Button


OK, it might not sound like much, but I really needed something that would allow me to time 3 events at once. It’s simple, but this did the job. It allows you to rename the 3 default timers, add more, and, of course, reset (you have to click on the upper-right of each timer to rename and reset).

I appreciated it so much that I bought the iPhone app. I’ll probably use it in class when monitoring multiple groups in the future. Sometimes I have student do in-group presentations and I’ve had no good way to time the individuals in different groups in the past. I might use this to do so.

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