MIT Scientist Captures 90,000 Hours of Video of His Son’s First Words, Graphs It | Fast Company


In a talk soon to grab several million views on, cognitive scientist Deb Roy Wednesday shared a remarkable experiment that hearkens back to an earlier era of science using brand-new technology. From the day he and his wife brought their son home five years ago, the family’s every movement and word was captured and tracked with a series of fisheye lenses in every room in their house. The purpose was to understand how we learn language, in context, through the words we hear.

This could be amazing. I’d love to see a write-up and the TED Talk. It’s not up yet 🙁

EDIT – The video was published (see below).  I’m not as excited about the talk as I thought I would be. Over have of it is essentially an advertisement for his new company focusing on social media analysis. However, I hope that he publishes (or someone associated with the group does so) findings of words, locations, interlocutors, and such.  Like many of the commenters are suggesting, this doesn’t seems to provide anything new theoretically; however, it can help to support (or weaken) these existing theories considering there has never been as complete (and unobtrusive) collection of data of this kind ever.


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