Charles Perfetti – Beyond Decoding: Word Knowledge and Reading Skill

Beyond Decoding: Word Knowledge and Reading Skill

October 25, 2007

Charles Perfetti associate director, LRD Center, U of Pittsburgh [homepage]
Robert Schwartz professor, Harvard Grad School of Ed [homepage]
Nonie Lesaux assistant professor, Harvard [homepage]

Charles Perfetti’s research interest is in the cognitive science of language and reading processes. Robert Schwartz, Academic Dean and William Henry Bloomberg Professor, and Nonie Lesaux, Marie and Max Kargman Assistant Professor in Human Development and Urban Education Advancement, provide introductions. A reception and announcement of the Jeanne S. Chall Doctoral Student Research Award and Research Grant will follow. Jeanne Chall, who served as a professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, was a leading expert in her field. Chall’s seminal work on reading research and instruction influenced scholarship on the teaching of reading in schools and universities throughout the country.

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