Freeing the LMS – Pearson’s free entry into the LMS field with OpenClass (anyone have feedback on this?)

OpenClass can be used “absolutely for free,” says Adrian Sannier, senior vice president of product at Pearson. “No licensing costs, no costs for maintenance, and no costs for hosting. So this is a freer offer than Moodle is. It’s a freer offer than any other in the space.

Color me intrigued. I would ditch my Moodle in a second for a better option. Of course, I don’t know how much of this hype. The system could suck. Anyone out there with some experience?

They say that they are taking a cue from Google, but that’s not really the case. They are taking there cue from Apple (at least originally). It’s all about the content. Come inside for free and while you are here can I offer you some books at a nominal fee?

I’m going in eyes wide open, but I’ll certainly go in

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