Digital Objects on the street! Pick Up & Drop them.With Repudo you can drop all kinds of multimedia like a text, a photo, a video or an audio message at any location you like. Repudo is the world’s first platform to handle digital objects in the real world!

For example: Someone can drop a Repudo which contains an image or text for you at the central station. You have to go there in person to pick it up and get the message. Once the Repudo is picked up it is gone from the map. It is now on your phone and only you can decide what to do with it. You can’t copy it.

Keep it or drop it for someone special on a special place. Imagine all the amazing new possibilities!

Repudo brings perception of physical interaction with digital objects in the real world.

Get started and enjoy!

I can see a lot of potential for this service/app for teaching as well as commerce. After looking at the app, it’s obvious that they mean it to eventually be a location-aware ad service. They are trying to build a user-base through a kind of geocaching-lite activity.

For teachers, especially university teachers who don’t have to worry as much about sending students off into the city or large campus, this could be a lot of fun and very useful. The accuracy (or lack thereof) of the GPS means that you have to be working in a rather large area.

I envision a semester-long activity that mixes Repudo, SMS/Twitter, and/or QR codes stuck around the area. These can be used to assign tasks and guide students to the location/content of the next task. Most importantly, these are context-embedded tasks that take advantage of the area in which they are placed. In an EFL context, that doesn’t mean that you can go into a store and order in English; however, it does mean that you can have students look for/record things like English errors on signs or even shirts in the area, Do translation of something in the area, do interviews with someone in the area, and so forth.

I think that your imagination (and the extent that your students will be willing to do this) is your only limitation.

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