John Seely Brown Keynote at NITLE Summit 2011

Go to around 18:30 in the video to skip to his talk. I think he’s pretty good at putting his ideas forth and I agree (in general) with his conclusions and queries.

Some interesting points:

  • The nature and use of knowledge and information are changing and, thus, educational needs are changing.
  • We need to get credit (as academics) for social media creation.  How many tenure committees are going to consider even a high-quality blog?  Very few to be sure.
  • Content captured without context makes less sense.  How much of the context do we need to capture?
  • Major challenges require a socio-technical, interdisciplinary approach.  The interdisciplinary part is probably the most difficult.  Getting out of our established groupings to collaborate with others outside is difficult.
  • Need to “cultivate a resilient mindset in our students – an ability to change, adapt, re-conceptualize, and engage in deep listening with humility in an act-reflect, provisional loop.”

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