Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Resources

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This is a new, and growing, list of CALL resources.  These include both professional development resources for teachers and resources for use with students.  Since  it is for teachers and students, I lean towards free (or freemium) resources.  This is especially true for software.  There are many wonderful software applications out there for a cost, and many teachers would even pay to use them.  However, many of those same teachers would likely hesitate before asking their students to do so.  For that reason, I tend to recommend free, opensource, freemium, shareware, etc. in this list.  If there is a wonderful paid service or software that you think must be on this list, let me know and tell me why.

I fully intend to keep this list current and significantly add to it in the future.  One of the things that I’d really like to do is to include more links to Korean companies (or tech with Korean interfaces) in consideration of my students and in acknowledgment of the great Korean tech out there that doesn’t get much press outside Korea.

Link to the Google Doc

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