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Picture of Dan My name is Dan Craig.  If you’re looking for Daniel Craig the actor (AKA James Bond), you’re in the wrong place 🙂  This Dan Craig is a father of two beautiful children and husband to an amazing wife.  In addition to a fantastic family, I am a language and technology enthusiast. These go together wonderfully as technology is mediating much of how we communicate these days (whether or not you think that is a good thing). I have been working on both of these interests for the last 20 years as an English teacher, teacher trainer, and technology & business process analyst.

Since fall 2009, I have been a professor at Sangmyung University (Korean site – much better than the English sites if you know Korean) in the College of EducationDepartment of English Language Education. I teach TESOL methods, academic writing, and listening courses for English Education majors. I was also brought in to teach computer assisted language learning (CALL) courses, which will be a new focus for the program.

Before Sangmyung University, I worked with students, researchers, faculty, and staff working in the bio-medical sciences at Seoul National University. I was an English instructor with the Language Education Institute (LEI) where I taught a variety of courses including: general conversation, pronunciation, writing, presentation skills, and other topical courses, workshops, and private courses for a variety of academic skill areas.

Prior to that, I worked with Indiana University’s Language Education courses and grants for over 4 years. In addition to working with and researching various teacher education grant programs, I also taught ESL/EFL Instructional & Assessment Approaches (L540) and Computer Assisted Language Learning (L530). I really loved teaching CALL, given that the area is both my professional interest as well as a personal hobby. 

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