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Buried in Quals – mentoring, technology integration, and the sort

Hi folks,

Well, I’m buried in Quals here (Quals are kind of comprehensive exams for doc students). The good news is that I’ll be finished with these on Feb. 14 (barring the necessity of re-writes or, heaven forbid, failure). The bad news is that I’m stuck researching and writing for the next 3 weeks and I’m already burnt out on day 5!

I’ve undercovered some cool, one-stop resources in my research on teacher mentoring (not that they helped me on the current paper).

  1. Educational Technology & Society special issue on Integrating Technology into Learning and Working
  2. NCREL’s Professional Development Annotated Bibliography of Resources 2003
  3. edutopia’s section on Mentoring
  4. A group at Iowa State University put together A literature review of teacher technology mentoring

I thought that all of these helped me on my way somewhat. I still wish that I could find something that details, “What is technology integration?” OR even more importantly, “What is good technology integration?”.

I know that this is a tough question to answer and it doesn’t seem to have been answered (adequately) as far as I can tell. The question is tough to answer because it relies heavily on context. It’s kind of like the “best practices” holy grail. It may not exist. The best that I’ve gotten so far is that it is the use of technology to help students learn. Insightful, huh? – Students shun search for information offline – Dec 9, 2004

Update (2/7/2005) – Sorry, but the link is broken. CNN must shift these URLs. Too bad, I’d think that links like this would send them a lot of business. I guess I’ll have to do a better job summarizing these stories for now on 🙂

——————————————————- – Students shun search for information offline – Dec 9, 2004

This is an interesting article on the “effect” that the internet has on students’ approaches to research. It’s one of those, “gee, I miss the good old days of card catalogues…” articles. The only point that it successfully makes, though, is that schools need to address information literacy. Check it out for yourself.

A time of rest is here

Well, not really. But at least this weekend I’ll take it easy. This semester I didn’t really have any finals to speak of. I have to present the results of a pilot study where a partner and I developed a coding instrument to identify changes in the way teachers perceive their roles in teaching ESL students. One class had no end of class assignments. A third class will be ongoing somewhat.

We are doing editing for the Handbook for Performance Improvement, and a partner and I are conducting a survey of CPT professionals on various items including their recommendations for newcomers to the field and other survey items. These will be written up for the Handbook. It’s going to be a rush though. We’ve got to get this finished before classes start again in January, otherwise quals are going to get in the way.

Otherwise, I’ll have a restful couple of weeks.