Though blogging hasn’t fallen off for me quite a bit in recent years, I still see great value in it. However, I’ve just been using other tools for classes. For my own blogging, I don’t have a really good excuse. I’ve let it go to the wayside, mostly due to Facebook and other social networks. I hope to begin adding to my main personal/professional site again.

Quite a few of the one below are now dead with the demise of Posterous (my absolutely favorite platform 🙁

  • Personal/Professional – This is my main site, which is probably how you got here.  It is a mix, but generally will reflect my professional interests with a dash of personal.
  • Research – This is where I put research-related posts whenever I come across them. This is updated much less than my main blog.
  • KOTESOL, Seoul Chapter – I am the Webmaster for the Seoul Chapter of KOTESOL. One of the things I do is maintain the organization’s blog, in addition to their other Web properties.

Sangmyung University-Related Blogs

  • Teaching Listening – This was a blog that I started to help students taking my Teaching Listening class. The book we used, Field’s “Teaching Listening,” was much, much, much too difficult for them. I put outlines of the chapters in the blog to ease their reading and comprehension as well as making it easier for them to study for the tests.
  • Hanguk News – This was a fun project. Students in my Intermediate English Composition class had to post translations of Korean news articles every other week. I don’t normally recommend translation work for students, but this was for a reason. Students were largely writing their assignments in Korean and then translating them into English. I wanted them to work on doing this better, while at the same time, we worked on straight to English timed writing tasks to work on cutting out that step entirely. I was quite happy with the outcome of the project. I’ll likely revive it if/when I teach another intermediate class.

Older, Unkempt Blogs

  • Daniel Craig – This is a Posterous blog that has combined personal, professional, and misc. posts. I folded all of my past blogs into this one.
  • Seoul Daddy – This is my main blog these days. I post just about anything here, with a focus on life in Korea and family. The occasional rant is there too.
  • CALL for Korea – I am slowly updating this, but I will pick up the pace soon. I envision it being a general computer assisted learning blog with topics specializing in language and learning technologies (or technologies that can be adapted for learning) in Korea. It’s going to pick up because I’ll have some Korean speaking assistants in the fall 🙂
  • IUCALL Blog (older, archived version of CALL for Korea).
  • SNU Writing – I was using this for writing tips for my SNU writing courses.
  • SNU Email Writing – I was using this for email writing resources and tips as part of an email writing workshop at SNU.
  • SNU Presentation Skills – I was using this for presentation tips for my SNU presentation and conference preparation courses.
  • SNU Pronunciation – I was using this for pronunciation tips for my SNU pronunciation courses.
  • SNU Current Issues – I was using this for topics with my SNU advance conversation courses.

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