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Babbel Adds Speech Recognition To Aid Language Learning

Babbel Adds Speech Recognition To Aid Language Learning
Steve O’Hear
Jun 23, 2010

Babbel, the language learning site, has added “realtime” speech recognition to enhance its practical application and enable users to fine-tune their pronunciation skills. This pits the service up against more traditional players such as TellMeMore or Rosetta Stone, says the company.

This could be really cool. I like babbel and I think that even though speech recognition is not great, it can still add some needed emphasis on pronunciation.

Dan Reading Pronouncing the Phonemes on the List

Here is a recording of me reading the list of Phonemes that I handed out on the first day of class.

Use this as a quick reference or see some of the other resources on this page for other pronunciation examples.

Please, right-click on this links and choose, “save file as…” to save it to your computer so you can play it over and over again and not use up my server resources 🙂

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