Wisconsin Professor’s E-Mails Sought by G.O.P. – DON’T USE BUSINESS EMAIL FOR PERSONAL USES

It was a lengthy and speculative examination of a national organization for conservative lawmakers that the professor, William Cronon, believed was partly responsible for what he described as “this explosion of radical conservative legislation.” The post soon received more than Continue reading

Why Education Research Is Failing Us – Nice way to only half understand education research

Second-Class Science Education research gets an F. It goes without saying that effective teaching has many components, from dedication to handling a classroom and understanding how individual students learn. But a major ingredient is the curriculum the school requires them Continue reading

Class Struggle – Why waste time on a foreign language?

Why waste time on a foreign language? [This is my Local Living section column for April 22, 2010.] My online discussion group, Admissions 101, recently exchanged verbal blows over foreign language courses in high school. Most of us defended the Continue reading